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Women making the media

Women making the media

What’s the problem?

Women are hugely under-represented in Scottish media.

Among major newspapers in Scotland, there are no female editors, and only 1 political editor. There are no women heading up national broadcasters in Scotland, and in the UK around 80% of top jobs in film production are held by men.

This means that decisions over the content, type and tone of the media we all consume every day are overwhelmingly made by men. In 2015, UK-wide analysis of print and broadcast new sources showed that of spokespeople and experts, 85% of academics, 87% of businesspeople, 88% of media and creative industry and 97% of people speaking about sport, were men (Figures from Engender’s Sex and Power Scotland 2017 report).

Women working in the media are also subjected to sexism in the workplace. Women journalists are frequently subjected to threats of social violence on social media and in comment threads which are not taken seriously by editors, and workplace cultures are not built around the needs of women with caring responsibilities.

Who’s working on it?

Women in Journalism represent women in Scotland working across print, broadcasting, online and digital media.

The National Union of Journalists is the trade union for women working in journalism, and BECTU is the union representing those in other forms of media and entertainment.

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