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Employment in the Media Industries

Employment in the Media Industries

All Things Being Equal: 2019 report from EBU providing gender equality guidelines from public service media.

Are Women less Likely to Direct a Second Movie than Men?: 2019 research article from Stephen Follows, analysing the careers of men and women directors.

Calling the Shots: A project from the University of Southampton counting the women in key production roles in British films of the 21st century.

Carla2020: Videos and resources from the global digital conference on diversity and inclusion in the film and TV industry.

Celluloid Ceiling: 2019 report on the employment of women in the top 100, 250 and 500 films of 2018, from San Diego State University.

Counting Music: Project documenting the gender play gap in the music industry (UK).

Creative Scotland - Equality Matters: A 2017 review of the level of representation in Scotland’s Screen Sector

Cut Out of the Picture: 2016 report from Directors UK on gender inequality amongst film directors in the UK film industry.

Engender - Sex and Power: 2020 report by Engender on the representation of men and women in positions of power in Scotland.

European Journalism Observatory - Where are the Women Journalists in Europe's Media?: 2018 article on the lack of representation amongst female journalists Europe.

Festivals That Have Committed To The Gender Parity Pledge: From Women in Hollywood, an up-to-date list of film festivals that have signed the 5050x2020 Pledge that calls for better gender representation and transparency.

Gendered Journalism Cultures: Learning and training resources from Advancing Gender Equality in the Media.

"It’s a tough drug to kick": a woman’s career in broadcasting: 2015 article by Doris Ruth Eikhof and Charlotte York, accounting for the career of UK broadcaster and writer Charlotte York.

Online Election News Can Be Bloody Difficult (for a) Woman: Article from Emily Harmer, analysing gender representation in online news during the 2017 UK election.

Raising Films: Organisation calling on UK screen industries to serve its parent and carer members better, to increase their number, and to aspire to the best possible practice, to make it possible for all voices to be heard.

The Women's Room: Website dedicated to women experts and promoting them throughout media.

Women in Journalism Scotland Survey: 2018 survey revealing that a third of women working in Scottish media claim to have been sexually harassed in the workplace.

Women and Leadership in Media Industries: Learning and training resources from Advancing Gender Equality in the Media Industries.

Women in Film & Television International: Website for WIFTI, an international network that challenges male dominance in the film and television industry.

Women in Leadership in the News Media: 2020 factsheet with analysis of the gender breakdown of top editors covering an international base, from Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Women, Men and News: Open access 2016 research article by Karen Ross, Karen Boyle, Cynthia Carter and Debbie Ging, analysing women's roles in news media.

Women's Film and TV History Network: A group of researchers, teachers, archivists, collections managers, students, professionals, and enthusiasts engaged in exploring the contributions women have made to the emergence and development of film and television.

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