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Feminist Media

Feminist Media

Carla2020: Videos and resources from the global digital conference on diversity and inclusion in the film and TV industry.

Cherry Picks: Platform that highlights film reviews and publishes original stories exclusively from female-identifying and non-binary writers, when most film critics are overwhelmingly male.

F-List of UK Female Musicians: Database of women musicians in the UK, designed for promoters, festival bookers, commissioners and journalists.

Feminism in India: Intersectional feminist platform featuring news and opinion articles, cultural and historical commentary, and research.

Feminist Frequency: A not-for-profit educational organisation that analyses modern media’s relationship to societal issues such as gender, race, and sexuality. It includes videos, podcasts and articles that critically engage with mass media through a feminist lens.

Femspectives: The website and programme for the Glasgow-based feminist film series and festival.

Films that Break the Binary: List of films that break the gender binary through trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary characters and actors, as well as crossdressing, and drag.

Foreign Policy Interrupted: International platform to help journalists find women experts in foreign policy, including a database of experts, training resources, and spotlight features.

Fuller Project: Named for the first U.S. female war correspondent, Margaret Fuller, this project is a global nonprofit newsroom dedicated to objective, groundbreaking reporting on women, to raise awareness, expose injustice and spur accountability.

Gender+ - Intersectionality and the Media: Learning and training resources from Advancing Gender Equality in the Media.

Grassroots Feminism: Website dedicated to building a transnational feminist community including archives and resources such as magazines, ephemera, interviews, and projects.

Harpies & Quines and Feminist Magazines in Scotland: 2020 blog post by Rachael Alexander that places the 1990s feminist magazine in the context of Scottish feminism and print culture.

Harpies & Quines: 25 years on and relevant as ever: 2017 blog post by Charlotte Osdalen discussing the Scottish feminist magazine Harpies & Quines and the archives at the Glasgow Women's Library.

Hong Kong Women Filmmakers: Website documenting and highlighting women filmmakers in Hong Kong from 1997 to the present.

Lighthouse Bookshop: Lighthouse is Edinburgh’s independent community bookshop and an intersectional feminist, antiracist, LGBTQI+ community hub.

Media Action Research Group: Intersectional feminist collective active in Canada that researches grassroots media activists to co-produce knowledge toward transformative social change.

NarrAzioni Differenti: Translated as 'Different Narrations', this is an Italian news source and campaign dedicated to challenging discrimination in the media.

On the Engender: Podcast from Engender, Scotland's Feminist Organisation.

Prenons la Une: French association of women journalists committed to fair representation of women in the media and for professional equality in newsrooms. Includes a published a list of guidelines for journalists to follow when reporting on violence against women.

Rise Up!: A digital archive of feminist activism in Canada from the 1970s to the 1990s, including digitised resources, teaching materials and articles.

SQIFF: Website and programme for the annual Scottish Queer International Film Festival.

Sisterhood and After: Oral history project hosted at the British Library, including interviews with and histories of key figures from the Women's Liberation Movement in Britain.

Spare Rib Archive: Fully digitised, open access archive of the British feminist magazine Spare Rib from the British Library.

The Female Lead: An educational charity to showcase inspirational female role models across the world. Includes research, articles, profiles, and educational resources.

The Transformative Power of Feminist Media: 2019 article by Jaina Kelly, including excerpts from the authors zines, discussing the need and potential of feminist media.

Trouble & Strife: Website and digital archive of UK-based feminist magazine,Trouble & Strife.

Where is Women's Pleasure in the Sex We See on Screen?: Blog post by Frances Rayner, founder of the Clit Test, arguing that it's time the sex scenes we see on screen reflect what we know about women's bodies.

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