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Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Boxed In 2018-19 Report: 2019 report on women on screen and behind the scenes in American television.

Calling the Shots: A project from the University of Southampton counting the women in key production roles in British films of the 21st century.

Centre for the Study of Women in Television and Film - San Diego State University: Broad range of media monitoring reports including the annual 'Thumbs Down Report' on women's representation and impact as film critics and 'Celluloid Ceiling' reports.

Clit Test: A test designed to measure the equal representation of men and women's desire in TV and film. Website also includes research and lists of films that pass or fail.

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Benchmark Report, 2007-2017: The Geena Benchmark Report from 2007-17 measuring the percentage of female/ people of colour/LGBTQIA/disabled protagonists in family friendly films.

Gender Equal Media Scotland - Gendered Representations in the Scottish News: 2018 Keynote speech by the Global Manager of GMMP discussing women’s representation in national and local media in Scotland

Gender Equal Media Scotland - Still a Man's Game?: Blog post publishing the findings of monitoring 156 days of women’s football coverage over the 2019 women’s season.

Gender, Linguistics, & Walt Disney: Research project by Karen Eisenhauer and Carmen Fought, analysing gendered language in Disney and Pixar films. Conference slides available to download on the site.

Global Media Monitoring Project - Most recent GMMP findings: Full findings of the most recent Global Media Monitoring Project report, conducted in 2015.

Global Media Monitoring Project - GMMP guides and coding tools: Provide guidance to researchers on coding for the GMMP but useful for media monitoring research more broadly.

Inequality in 1100 Popular Films: 2018 report examining portrayals of gender, race/ethnicity LGBT & disability from 2007 to 2017.

Informed Opinions: Gender gap tracker with a central focus on gender representation in Canadian news outlets.

Letterboxd - Women Directors: A list of films with female directors dating back to 1870 with a year-by-year view.

Mako Mori Test: The Mako Mori Test which measures gender equality, primarily in film and television but also used within other fictional works.

The Women's Room - Media Watch: Crowd-sourced monitoring of broadcast and print media that looks to highlight examples of best and worst practise.

Women's Film and TV History Network: A group of researchers, teachers, archivists, collections managers, students, professionals, and enthusiasts engaged in exploring the contributions women have made to the emergence and development of film and television.

Zero Tolerance - Media Monitoring: A range of media monitoring projects commissioned by Zero Tolerance, from 2017 to present.

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