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African Women in Politics: Article from the UN's Africa Renewal, analysing gender representation in African politics. Published in 2019.

Citizen Matters India - Women in Power: Numerical data showing the level of representation women have in Indian politics, published in 2019.

Engender: The website for Scotland's feminist organisation.

Fawcett Society: Campaign for gender-equal media reporting of women politicians in the UK. Includes activism and research.

Female Representation but Male Rule? Party Competition and the Political Glass Ceiling: Working paper from the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, analysing the gender gap among Swedish politicians. Published in 2012.

Gender and the development of a political persona: 2016 research article by Michael Higgins and Fiona McKay, examining the media's representation of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, from before she was appointed deputy leader of the SNP in 2004 until her appointment as FM in 2014.

Gender Stereotypes and Vote Choice: 2002 research paper by Kira Sanbonmatsu analysing the impact of candidate gender on voting choices in the United States.

Glitch: The website for the UK-based not-for-profit organisation working towards ending online abuse, with specific attention to women in public life.

Language: A Feminist Guide - A Very British Sexism: Blog post by Deborah Cameron discussing the gendered language of UK politics.

Loughborough University - Centre for Research in Communication and Culture: Range of resources, studies and analysis of elections in the UK.

NATO Association of Canada - Women in Politics: Article discussing gender representation among Canadian politicians, published in 2019.

Political Masculinities in the Brexit Debate: Blog post by Michael Higgins focusing on performances of masculinity shaped the Brexit debate in the UK.

Press response to women politicians: 2018 research article by Sarah Pedersen comparing newspapers' representation of women politicians from the day of the Suffragettes to the twenty-first century.

The Parliament Project: The Parliament Project website - a project to promote women in politics and elevate their voices.

Where are the Women in Brexit Reporting?: Blog series by Melody House, detailing a the research and findings of a media monitoring project based on the representation of women in Brexit news.

Women 50/50: A Scottish campaign website dedicated to achieving 50/50 representation in Parliament, local councils and public boards

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