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Sexualisation and Body Image

Sexualisation and Body Image

A Qualitative Study of Children, Young People and 'Sexting': 2012 report from the London School of Economics, prepared for the NSPCC.

Body Image - We are more than what we look like: A report from the Advisory Group on Health Body Image for Young People, co-chaired by the Mental Health Foundation, which was tasked by the Scottish Government with undertaking a six month review to understand more about body image and how it can affect young people’s mental health.

Breaking Boundaries? Sexual Consent in the Jury Room: 2006 research article by Emily Finch and Vanessa Munro, interrogating how concepts of freedom, capacity and reasonableness are interpreted in the courtroom.

Click: Website and resources of a partnership of organisations, working together to provide support to any woman selling sex in any way through online outreach and one-to-one specialist support in locations across Scotland.

Everyday Sexism: 2014 TEDtalk from Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism project, and women's consistent experiences of gender imbalance.

Healthy Social Media: Website and resources from a working group of academics, psychologists and body image activists on body image, eating disorders and social media.

“I Might Get Your Heart Racing in My Skin-Tight Jeans”: Sexualization on Music Entertainment Television: 2013 research article by Laura Vandenbosch, Dorien Vervloessem and Steve Eggermont exploring the culture of sexualising the (female) body in music entertainment TV.

Inside Outside: Coordinated and supported by the Encompass Network, this project amplifies the voices of women who are, or have been, involved in the sex industry in Scotland.

Is a Healthy Social Media Possible?: Blog post by Petya Eckler for Gender Equal Media Scotland, discussing how we can keep a positive mind-set about our bodies online and offline.

Nudes4Sale: 2020 BBC documentary on the rise of OnlyFans.

Revenge Porn Helpline: Website, resources and helpline for victims of revenge porn.

Television Situation Comedies: Female Weight, Male Negative Comments, and Audience Reactions: 2000 research article by Gregory Fouts and Kimberley Burggraf that carries out a content analysis of 18 prime-time American TV shows, looking specifically at the representation and reception of female characters' bodies.

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: 2010 research article by Temple Northrup and Carol Liebler that interrogates beauty ideals on the Disney and Nickelodeon channels.

The Importance of a (Man's) Name: Blog post by Melody House reflecting on the Blasey Ford - Kavanaugh hearing a year on.

The Backlash against #MeToo in Online Humour: Blog post by Maja Brandt Andreasen discussing three key characteristics of the #MeToo backlash: ‘himpathy’ towards perpetrators, victim blaming, and reconceptualising sexual violence as sex, in the context of online humour.

The Role of the Media in Body Image Concerns among Women: 2008 research article that analyses if exposure to media images depicting the thin-ideal body is related to body image concerns for women.

Weighing Women Down: 2013 research article by Laura Willis and Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick that interrogates messages on weight loss and body shaping in the editorial content of popular women's health and fitness magazines.

YWCA Scotland - Young Woman Lead: 2018-19 report from YWCA Scotland, which emphasises the impact of body image on participation in sport.

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