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Aesthetics, athletics and the olympics: Research by Cambridge University press that demonstrates the gender divides in the language of sport.

Betty for Schools: Research on how period taboos prevent girls from participating in sports at school.

Change the Game: 2019 campaign by BBC Sport to showcase women athletes.

Changing the Game: Homophobia, Sexism, and Lesbians in Sport: 2012 research article by Pat Griffin exploring, from a feminist perspective, the interconnected nature of homophobia and sexism in women's sport.

City of Dreams: 2014 TEDtalk by Laura Montgomery, co-founder and manager of Glasgow City FC, on women and girls in football.

Cover the Athlete: Campaign to end sexist coverage of women athletes.

Equality FC: A video about Lewes Football Club becoming the first pro or semi-pro club in the world to pay its women footballers the same as its men.

Female Athletes, Women's Sport, and the Sport Media Commercial Complex: 2013 research article by Janet Fink, discussing the qualitative and quantitative differences in men and women's sport coverage.

Female Pundit in Football: 2019 video of Rachel Brown-Finnis discussing the role of the woman football pundit.

Football V Homophobia: Media campaign that scrutinises discrimination towards minority groups in sports.

Girls Do Sport: Girls Do Sport is a collaboration between University of the West of Scotland and Scottish Women in Sport, seeking to address the fact that women and girls are underrepresented in the media.

How to Win at Gender-equal Sports Reporting: Blog post by Rachael Alexander, looking at the dos and don'ts of gender-equal sports reporting.

How Transformational was the Women's World Cup for Scotland: Blog post by Andrew Jenkin, analysing the impact of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Images of Sportswomen - A Review: 2015 research article by Emma Sherry, Angela Osborne and Matthew Nicholson, examining the role of print media in the construction of attitudes and perceptions of women's sport.

“It’s Dude Time!”: A Quarter Century of Excluding Women’s Sports in Televised News and Highlight Shows: 2015 US-based research article by Cheryl Cooky, Michael Messner and Michela Musto, interrogating the disparity between women and girls' participation in sports and media coverage.

LEAP Sports: Leap Sports works in Scotland to increase inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in sports and stand against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sports.

Levelling the Playing Field: 2019 report by Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Advisory Board, drawing on varied research to detail the importance of reducing barriers for women and girls participation in and engagement with sport.

National Advisory Committee on Women and Girls - Sport: 2019 report on women and girls in sport in Scotland, including detailed data and statistics.

Outsport Survey: 2019 report based on findings from the Outsport Survey, discussing the relevance of sexual orientation and gender identity in sport in Europe.

Scotland's Biggest Challenge this World Cup might be the Scottish Media: Blog post by Andrew Jenkin, questioning the role of the Scottish media in the lead up to the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Scottish Women in Sport: Website and resources from the Scottish charity promoting women and girls in sport.

Still a Man's Game?: Blog post by Andrew Jenkin for Gender Equal Media Scotland, publishing the findings of monitoring 156 days of women’s football coverage over the 2019 women’s season.

Sports Media LGBT+: A network group and consultancy that advocates for inclusion in both the sports industry, and across sport in general.

The Curious Contradiction of the Heavyweight Athlete: 2020 blog post by Jessica Fithen, discussing the disparate treatment of men and women heavyweight athletes.

They think it’s all over: football v. sexism: 2018 blog post by Deborah Cameron, from her blog Language: A Feminist Guide, discussing sexism and football.

Women in the Olympic and Paralympic Games: An analysis from the Women in Sports Foundation of participation, leadership and media coverage. Published in 2017.

Women Reporting Sport: 2016 research article by S. Franks and D. O'Neill, examining the visibility of women's sports journalists in the national UK press and the impact of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

You Can Play: Project that works to ensure the safety and inclusion for all who participate in sports, including LGBTQ+ athletes, coaches and fans.

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