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Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

Amnesty International - Toxic Twitter Report: A range of research reports and accounts of women in public life, discussing online gender-based violence with a specific focus on Twitter.

Analysis of Abuse of Women MPs on Twitter: 2019 article by Susan Watson that includes research findings on gender-based abuse faced by women MPs in the UK.

Attacks and Harassment - The Impact on Female Journalists and Their Reporting: 2018 report from Trollbusters and the International Women's Media Foundation, including key data on violence against women reporters in the United States.

Changing Media Coverage of Violence Against Women: 2017 research article - by Jenny Morgan and Margaret Simons - reporting on recent research on some of the factors that may have led to changes in the way journalists report Violence Against Women (VAW) in Australia.

Eleven Ways to Boost Your Work with News Media: A practical guide for violence against women sector workers on engaging effectively with the media, produced by Domestic Violence Victoria.

European Commission - Non. No. Nein: Range of resources and information relating to the European Commission's campaign to end violence against women.

Galop - Online Hate Crime Report: 2020 report from the UK's LGBT+ anti-violence charity on the levels of online abuse faced by LGBT+ people.

Her Net Her Rights: 2017 resource pack produced by the European Women's Lobby, focusing on ending online violence against women and girls in Europe.

How to Fix the Glitch in Our Online Communities: 2019 TEDtalk from founder of Glitch, Seyi Akiwowo, discussing the need to save online spaces from abuse, hate and fear.

How to Report Sexual Assault Trials Responsibly: Media guidelines produced by Gender Equal Media Scotland and Rape Crisis outlining best practise for journalists reporting on sexual assault trials.

Image-based Sexual Abuse: Short research report by Clare McGlynn and Erika Rackley, arguing that 'Revenge Porn' is a misnomer and making the case for the term 'image-based sexual abuse'.

International Rape Crisis Hotlines: An extensive directory of international rape crisis hotlines.

Kvinna till Kvinna - Gender and Conflict Sensitive Journalism: Handbook from the Swedish NGO including research, guidelines and actions towards sensitive journalism. Published in 2015.

Level Up - Media Guidelines: Media guidelines from the UK-based campaign for reporting on domestic homicide.

Of Monsters and Bombshells: Three-part blog series by Karen Boyle that looks at the representation of perpetrators and victim/survivors of sexual assaults in recent TV and film.

Responsible Reporting of Sexual Assault Trials: Podcast featuring Alys Mumford, Dani Garavelli, Karen Boyle and Brenna Jessie discussing the role news media has to play in the responsible reporting of sexual assault trials.

Speak Out Survivors: Speak out Survivors campaign website, aiming to improve access to justice for victims and survivors of sexual offences in Scotland.

Survivors On and In the Media: Blog post by Karen Boyle and the Rosey Project Community, discussing new research on the effects of poor report reporting on sexual assault.

The Empower Project: Ongoing project from YWCA Scotland providing free training and workshops on tech and online abuse.

Traffickinghub: Website and campaign that highlights Pornhub's complicity in sex trafficking.

UK Government - Violence Against Women and Girls: 2019 factsheet providing statistics, information and actions on Violence against Women and Girls and including addition of the Male Position.

UN - Sexual and Gender-based Violence in the Context of Transitional Justice: 2014 report from the United Nations discussing the normative framework with an international focus.

UN - Violence against Women and Girls, the Shadow Pandemic: 2020 UN report on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in relation to violence against women and girls.

UNFPA - Gender-based Violence: A range of international resources, data and news on gender-based violence from the United Nations Population Fund.

UNFPA Asia and the Pacific - kNOwVAWdata: Data and statistics that aim to sustainably strengthen regional and national capacities to measure the prevalence of violence against women in Asia and the Pacific.

Violence against Women - It's a Men's Issue: 2013 TEDtalk from Jackson Katz, discussing the ways in which VAW is a pressing issue that men must address.

We Can't Consent to This: The website for the UK organisation set up in response to the increase in “rough sex” defences to violence against women.

What's in a Name?: 2019 research article by Karen Boyle, theorising the inter-relationships of gender and violence.

Why are Comments Turned Off?: 2012 TEDtalk from Anita Sarkeesian, focusing on gender-based violence online.

Why There Aren't Two Sides to Every Story: 2017 blog post from Engender, which explains that those arguing for ‘two sides’ to every story of sexual harassment are victim blaming.

Women's Media Centre - Speech Project: US-based project from the Women's Media Centre, dedicated to raising awareness of online harassment.

Women's Support Project - National Training Resources: Training resources from the Scottish feminist voluntary organisation, raising awareness of men's violence against women.

WHO - Violence Against Women: Information and resources relating to violence against women from the World Health Organization.

YWCA Scotland - Violence Against Women: A range of articles and resources from YWCA Scotland covering violence against women.

Zero Tolerance: Media guidelines for journalists on reporting on violence against women from ZT Scotland.

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