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Resources for the Women's Sector

Resources for the Women's Sector

Here you'll find resources we believe will be particularly relevant for those working in, or affiliated with, the women's sector. If you have any resources you'd like to submit for inclusion, please email us.


Resources for the women's sector:

Eleven ways to boost your work with news media: a practical guide for the Violence Against Women sector

This guide was developed by Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic) in partnership with the EVA Media Action Group, and provides practical advice for working with media outlets and organisations.


Women in Journalism Scotland 2018 survey results

This report provides the results of the 2018 WiJ survey, which gathered information from 178 women currently working broadly in the media.


Workforce Diversity in the UK Screen Sector (2018)

This evidence review, completed by CAMEo Research Institute (University of Leicester), addresses the cross-cutting themes and multiple effects of lack of diversity and inclusivity in the screen sector, and how these impact individuals with protected characteristics working in the industry.


Engender and Zero Tolerance Summary of Women in Media Roundtable (2016)

This report summarises discussions that took place at Holyrood 2016, calling on political parties to make a commitment to create a Scottish 'Women in Media' body, resourced to monitor and challenge sexism in print, broadcast and online media. It outlines the necessity of this, citing women's representation, violence against women, women making media, and online abuse as areas in desperate need of attention.


Engender’s Sex and Power Report (2017)

This report sets out the extent of men's over-representation in positions of authority and influence in Scotland, grounded in detailed statistics and data and providing analysis on that basis.


Engender’s Gender Matters Roadmap: Media, Arts and Sport

This roadmap sets out plans and practical steps to address men's over-representation across media and creative industries, arguing that action can be taken both to remove the barriers to women’s full participation in these sectors and enable the production of culture and media that offers meaningful representation to all of Scotland’s population.


CAMEo publications and policy responses on diversity in cultural work, including screen

The CAMEo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies (University of Leicester) have a variety of policy documents and reports which address diversity in cultural work, including screen, which dedicate much needed attention to fostering equality in the media.

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