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This blog collates writing on women and media from across Scotland. If you’ve written a blog and are happy for it to be featured here, or would like to write something specifically for this site, get in touch.

From Guilt Trips to Cat Fights: Gender stereotypes in Brexit news

By Melody House, University of Strathclyde

It is no secret that media reporting around women is problematic. From ‘page 3 girls’ to racist and sexist articles about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, British media has a history of belittling, stereotypical writing on women. This is especially true when women occupy roles that traditionally ‘belong’ to someone else. It’s part of why we see the bad press surrounding Markle, as well as the sexist and often demeaning reporting of women in conventionally ‘male’ professions.

As such, when Gender Equal Media Scotland (GEMS) tasked me with monitoring news around Brexit, I was intrigued to see what I would find. GEMS asked me to monitor the news around Brexit for three days (14-16 January 2019), and present my findings in a series of blogs. My first blog focused on the statistical representation of women in the Brexit media. Here, I will focus on both the good and bad journalistic practice I came across in those three days.

Where Are The Women? Media analysis of gender representation in Brexit news

By Melody House, University of Strathclyde

It’s the portmanteau that strikes fear, loathing, and dismay in those who hear it: Brexit. With the leave date now potentially extended to October, it is clear that the only certainty with Brexit is uncertainty. As such, it is and has been – and will continue to be - a major topic of discussion in the news.

Gender Equal Media Scotland tasked me with monitoring news around Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement vote that took place on the 15th of January this year. As such, I chose to focus on the day before, the day of, and the day after the ‘meaningful vote’ (14-16 January), as these saw a large number of news stories dedicated to analysing and debating Brexit. I focused on Scottish news media, and looked at three different types: television, radio, and, print. I recorded two television shows (BBC’s Reporting Scotland, and, STV’s Scotland Tonight); two radio shows (BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, and, BBC’s Newsdrive); and seven newspapers (The National, The Scotsman, The Scottish Sun, Scottish Daily Mail, Daily Record, The Herald, and, The Press & Journal). In the end, I recorded 288 news stories across the three media, and a further 94 letters-to-the-editor in the newspapers.

The Role of the Media in the Tackling Men’s Violence against Women

By Rachael Alexander, University of Strathclyde

GEMS recently joined with Engender, Scottish Women’s Aid and Zero Tolerance to welcome Luke Hart to the Central Hall in Edinburgh for a conversation with journalist Dani Garavelli. Luke, along with his brother Ryan, is a leading voice in the fight for an end to men’s violence against women, following the devastating murder of his mother Claire and sister Charlotte in 2016 by his father. Luke shared his insight into domestic abuse, the subtlety of coercive control and the crucial role of the media in challenging men’s violence against women.

CONFIRMATION: reflections on the intersection between race and gender in public life

By Briana Pegado, Edinburgh Student Arts Festival

During Black History Month, GEMS joined with the Women 5050 campaign to host a screening of the film Confirmation, telling the story of Anita Hill's testimony against Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas.

Here Briana Pegado, who spoke on the panel following the film, reflects on the themes raised, and how they relate to representation of women of colour in public life today.

PODCAST: Day 1 of Gendered Representations in Scottish News

GEMS was launched at a 2 day conference discussing Gendered Representations in Scottish News. It was a fantastic event with brilliant speakers, and lots of discussion about how we can improve representation of women in Scottish news - in coverage and behind the scenes.

You can listen to some highlights of day on in this special edition of the On the Engender podcast:

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