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Gender Equal Media Scotland brings together academics, journalists, campaign groups and organisations working for women’s equality in Scottish media.

We want to see a Scottish media which treats women equally – as employees, as contributors and as subjects of media attention.

Within Scotland there is a huge range of expertise working on these issues, including fighting for women’s rights at work, challenging portrayals of violence against women in the Scottish press, and calling for more women’s voices to be heard in the media we all consume.

You can find out more about organisations working for a gender equal media in Scotland here.

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This blog presents some initial findings from part 2 of our Pass the Mic research.

#PasstheMic - Part 2 of our Media Monitoring Study
Part 2 of our Pass the Mic media monitoring study focused on Scottish news media over nine days from Saturday 1st May to Sunday 9th May 2021 and included television, newspapers, web news and twitter

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